Sunday, March 30, 2008

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor (Phonin' It In...)

When I was a kid, I found mail away figures to be both exotic luxury items, as well as a royal pain in the ass. True, if you were the only kid on the block who owned one of these exclusive rarities, you not only had bragging rights beyond description, as well as the envy of all your young friends. However, the processes involved in the aquisition of most mail aways were a royal pain in the ass; clipping ans saving proofs of purchase, finding the correct promotional cardbacks, begging your mother to buy you a postage stamp.

More than a few of these so-called "exclusives" ended up in regular circulation anyway. Case in point, G.I. Joe's Sgt. Slaughter phone in figure and mail away The Empire Strikes Back Bossk.

In 1986, thanks to Chicago's superbowl 20 win, this 300 pound tub of goo's likeness was everywhere. Even G.I. Joe ended up enlisting his fat self and handing him a pigskin shaped morning star to help defend freedom from the tyranny of Cobra...

One of the many figures that ended up being regularly released was Sgt. Slaughter, who was packaged along with his very own "Tripple T" Tank. I liked this figure a hell of a lot more than the Fridge...

Even the Go-Bots would get in on the mail away action...

Everyone loves bounty hunters...

The Grand Daddy of all mail away offers; The Star Wars "Early Bird" offer was little more than an empty package purchased at your local toy store that served as a sort of lay-away certificate for soon-to-be released Star Wars figures. In 1977 Star Wars had been such a suprise hit that Kenner hadn't dreamed of the high demand for the toys and, with supplies short, offered children these instead...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's Saturday Morning!!! (Volume 1)

Ahhhhhh. No need for an alarm clock today. You're eyelids flutter open at the crack of dawn and even before the robins begin to chirp, you're pouring milk over a heaping bowl of Frankenberry cereal. It's Saturday morning, kids, and you know what that means: Car-fuckin'-toons, baby.
We here at the home office share in your fond memories of that period in our nation's culture when there were no 24 hour cable channels devoted solely to animated goodness. A time when you counted the minutes between Saturday afternoon and Friday morning, waiting with growing anticipation for your favorite goofball, television network jingle to sound off yet another four to five hour span of animation.
In keeping with that tradition, Paper And Plastic Please is proud to kick off its inaugural run of postings detailing the plastic replicas of those cartoon characters of yesteryear.
Today, it is with great honor that I present to you, none other than Thundarr The Barbarian!
Released in '03 from the little recognized people over at Toynami, The Thundarr line-up included the barbarian bad-ass himself, Thundarr, his Mokk Sidekick Ookla, and main piece of ass, Ariel the sorceress.
Honestly, considering the show's infrequent recognition, I'm amazed that Thundarr the Barbarian isn't falling under my "Action Figures I'm Sorely Missing" category. I nearly shat myself when I first eyed these figures on the shelf at Mediaplay (next to Toynami's Blue Falcon and Dynomutt figures!!! But, that's another posting altogether).
The level of detail these figures came with is great. Toynami really captured the series style, not only with the figures, but with the blister cards that they were packaged in (utilizing the classic Thundarr logo, mixed with painted background of post apocalyptic rubble crawling with jungle vines- stuff straight out of the Ruby-Spears series).

Friday, March 28, 2008


This summer, McFarlane Toys will once again try to make up for the fact that NECA has obtain most (if not all) of the better film licences out there by releasing even more waves of original, fantasy figures. While I'll bemoan the fact that it seems that there will never be another series of Movie Maniacs, I will be somewhat assuaged by LEGEND OF THE BLADEHUNTERS. In particular, by their Ogre, Goblin, and Necromancer figures.

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor (VOLTRON!!!)

I could never get into Vehicle Voltron. I mean really; how do simple cars, trucks, or random space vehicles even begin to compare to massive, mechanized battle cats?

Now you're talkin' my language...

Is it just my imagination, or does Voltron actually cut the one Robeast in half in this one..?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

The kid standing triumphantly atop his "friends" at the end of this one strikes me as a complete dickhead...

I would've loved to have had this set when I was a kid...

I'm not sure what (beyond racism anyway) the point was in proclaiming FALCON a "black superhero". True, he's black. But, shit- the fuckin' Hulk's green and the commentator doesn't point that out...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Action Figures I'm Sorely Missing (Volume 3)...

Caught a link to these on an action figure message board. They're the actual props used in the original film (seen as Colonel Sanders bursts in on an ashamed Dark Helmet while playing with "his dolls again").

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Action Figures I'm Sorely Missing (Volume 2)...

For an all too brief period of existence, N2 Toys shat out some fairly decent six inchers. While still fresh faced newcomers, they were quick to swipe up the original Matrix film's toy licencing rights and quickly made something of a name for themselves. They followed their Wachowski based success with less far popular properties such as The Road Warrior, Rambo, and (my personal favorite) Big Trouble In Little China. Sadly though, N2 folded long before licencing feuds could be settled and I could gain the entire collection of their proposed 5Th Element action figure line.
Showcased at the 2001 Toy Fair, these figures were near perfect plastic replicas of their film counterparts... Goddamn these things would've been awesome.

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor (Bionic Six)...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

Loved this set as a kid. It sometimes doubled as Superman's icy Fortress of Solitude (film version) with my Superpowers Superman figure. Mostly though, it served as its properly intended playsetting as a frozen home to shelter rebel scum from Imperial villainy and stuff your best buddy into the warm, oozing guts of a dead taun-taun just outside of it.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Goddamn I Can't Wait For May 22nd...

I Don't collect vinyls. And by "vinyls" I don't mean records. For any of you young whipper snappers that have no clue as to what a "record" is, get the hell off my blog! And my lawn! Anyhoo. Like I was saying; Vinyls have become sort of a fad the past couple years, and the collectors market for these squash headed, super-deformed soft plastic dolls has nudged otherwise un-hip toy companies to offer their own versions. Hasbro, riding the bandwagon, has already crapped out an assfull of Star Wars "Mighty Muggs", and will, later this year, be offering "Muggs" versions of classic Marvel Comics characters, as well as heroes and villains from the Indiana Jones flicks.
Ahhhhh. Indiana Jones... Now there's a goddamn franchise that cries out for a decent 6 inch assortment from say, NECA or McFarlane (hint-hint, Mr. Lucas). Sadly, the only figures that I've (as of this posting at least) encountered are a shitload of lesser 3 3/4 inch figures (again, from Hasbro). Gentle Giant has a 6 inch figure (available exclusively at Disney World), but Kee-rist! I'd love to see a NECA version of Indy. Or if Hasbro has final claim to the property, maybe an Indiana Jones Unleashed figure (akin to their kick ass, and sadly discontinued Star Wars figures of the same 6 inch assortment).
As for these so called "Mighty Muggs", I might (just might) pick up Indy and Mola Ram.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

I swear to Christ, everytime the one goddamn kid in this commercial exclaims "WAMPA!!!" I want to travel back in time and smack him in the fucking head.

"Open belly" taun-taun has to be, hands down, the single most disturbing children's action figure feature of all time.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

Spawn: Age Of Pharaohs

As much as I'm not into the Spawn property, I may be somewhat inclined to pick up McFarlane's upcoming "Age Of Pharaohs" figures that are due out this April. I've never been a huge Spawn guy (I'd much rather see McFarlane focused on his seemingly defunct Movie Maniacs line), but McFarlane always manages to drag money out of my wallet every time he craps out a random, way cool figure. Check out that Isis and tell me that it ain't worth its probable, fourteen dollar price tag...

Friday, March 14, 2008

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

Action Figures I'm Sorely Missing (Volume 1)...

Why the hell SOTA can't get there friggin' shit together and put out a decent slate of figures on a semi-reasonable schedule is beyond me. The licences that they've garnered over the years have fallen under either one of two categories: A.) Amazing (see there Thing Boxed Set), or B.) Total shit (was anyone out there really crying out for a Dune, Baron Harkonen figure?). There amazing issuance of George Romero's Land Of The Dead figures were released wayyyyy after the film dropped out of theaters, as were their kick ass renditions of The Mummy and Darkman. A few months back, I came across what would of been a true blessing to all true collectors of six inch horror figures; a Herbert West figure from the cult fave, Re-Animator. Sadly, I found out after a few inquiries to the SOTA site, that due to licencing issues, Doctor West won't be hitting the pegboards anytime soon. I'm not sure if the blame lies with SOTA, the owners of the Re-Animator franchise, or whether or not Jeffrey Combs was unwilling to sign off his likeness to the toy manufacturer. Looks like SOTA's Herbert West will take his place amongst the list of figures that should have been, but were never produced.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dave Stevens Passes...

I really, really hate to start off my first day of posting with sad news. However, one of this brand spankin' new blog's missions is to pass on info on the wide, wide world of comic books (both past and present). Unfortunately, today's news on the comic front concerns the death of comics illustrator and Rocketeer creator, Dave Stevens.

While hardly the most prolific writer/artist working in the medium, Stevens lush (if sporadic) illustrative output was always a welcome sight upon the shelves and spin racks of comic shops. His seminal work, The Rocketeer, was high flying, cliffhanger serial fodder at its best, and his stunning renditions of pin-up dames (to friggin' kill for), incredible flying apparatus, and whiz-bang action sequences were nothing short of Spielbergian.

I'd just recently come across the second story arc of The Rocketeer's adventures in one of my long boxes, and wondered when (if ever) Stevens would give us a couple more chapters in the helmeted one's high flying adventures.

Sadly, it looks like we won't be seeing any more.

Eagerly Awaiting...

The fine folks over at NECA have unveiled even more pics of their upcoming Beetlejuice figure. I can't wait for this one to appear on the shelves and pegboards in toy and collectible shops across this great nation of ours. The Ghost With The Most seems to have been one of those overlooked properties these past few years, and it's great to see him making a comeback of sorts. Check out the pics here...

Yep. Ol' Beetlejuice has come a long, long way since this...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008