Friday, March 14, 2008

Action Figures I'm Sorely Missing (Volume 1)...

Why the hell SOTA can't get there friggin' shit together and put out a decent slate of figures on a semi-reasonable schedule is beyond me. The licences that they've garnered over the years have fallen under either one of two categories: A.) Amazing (see there Thing Boxed Set), or B.) Total shit (was anyone out there really crying out for a Dune, Baron Harkonen figure?). There amazing issuance of George Romero's Land Of The Dead figures were released wayyyyy after the film dropped out of theaters, as were their kick ass renditions of The Mummy and Darkman. A few months back, I came across what would of been a true blessing to all true collectors of six inch horror figures; a Herbert West figure from the cult fave, Re-Animator. Sadly, I found out after a few inquiries to the SOTA site, that due to licencing issues, Doctor West won't be hitting the pegboards anytime soon. I'm not sure if the blame lies with SOTA, the owners of the Re-Animator franchise, or whether or not Jeffrey Combs was unwilling to sign off his likeness to the toy manufacturer. Looks like SOTA's Herbert West will take his place amongst the list of figures that should have been, but were never produced.

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