Monday, March 17, 2008

Goddamn I Can't Wait For May 22nd...

I Don't collect vinyls. And by "vinyls" I don't mean records. For any of you young whipper snappers that have no clue as to what a "record" is, get the hell off my blog! And my lawn! Anyhoo. Like I was saying; Vinyls have become sort of a fad the past couple years, and the collectors market for these squash headed, super-deformed soft plastic dolls has nudged otherwise un-hip toy companies to offer their own versions. Hasbro, riding the bandwagon, has already crapped out an assfull of Star Wars "Mighty Muggs", and will, later this year, be offering "Muggs" versions of classic Marvel Comics characters, as well as heroes and villains from the Indiana Jones flicks.
Ahhhhh. Indiana Jones... Now there's a goddamn franchise that cries out for a decent 6 inch assortment from say, NECA or McFarlane (hint-hint, Mr. Lucas). Sadly, the only figures that I've (as of this posting at least) encountered are a shitload of lesser 3 3/4 inch figures (again, from Hasbro). Gentle Giant has a 6 inch figure (available exclusively at Disney World), but Kee-rist! I'd love to see a NECA version of Indy. Or if Hasbro has final claim to the property, maybe an Indiana Jones Unleashed figure (akin to their kick ass, and sadly discontinued Star Wars figures of the same 6 inch assortment).
As for these so called "Mighty Muggs", I might (just might) pick up Indy and Mola Ram.

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