Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's Saturday Morning!!! (Volume 1)

Ahhhhhh. No need for an alarm clock today. You're eyelids flutter open at the crack of dawn and even before the robins begin to chirp, you're pouring milk over a heaping bowl of Frankenberry cereal. It's Saturday morning, kids, and you know what that means: Car-fuckin'-toons, baby.
We here at the home office share in your fond memories of that period in our nation's culture when there were no 24 hour cable channels devoted solely to animated goodness. A time when you counted the minutes between Saturday afternoon and Friday morning, waiting with growing anticipation for your favorite goofball, television network jingle to sound off yet another four to five hour span of animation.
In keeping with that tradition, Paper And Plastic Please is proud to kick off its inaugural run of postings detailing the plastic replicas of those cartoon characters of yesteryear.
Today, it is with great honor that I present to you, none other than Thundarr The Barbarian!
Released in '03 from the little recognized people over at Toynami, The Thundarr line-up included the barbarian bad-ass himself, Thundarr, his Mokk Sidekick Ookla, and main piece of ass, Ariel the sorceress.
Honestly, considering the show's infrequent recognition, I'm amazed that Thundarr the Barbarian isn't falling under my "Action Figures I'm Sorely Missing" category. I nearly shat myself when I first eyed these figures on the shelf at Mediaplay (next to Toynami's Blue Falcon and Dynomutt figures!!! But, that's another posting altogether).
The level of detail these figures came with is great. Toynami really captured the series style, not only with the figures, but with the blister cards that they were packaged in (utilizing the classic Thundarr logo, mixed with painted background of post apocalyptic rubble crawling with jungle vines- stuff straight out of the Ruby-Spears series).

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