Friday, May 16, 2008

Thank You "Big Lots"!

Okay. My posts have been sporadic at best lately. The original intention of this here blog o' mine was to generate at least three regular postings a week (consisting of a movie toy review on Friday, a comic book review or comic book themed figure review on Wednesday, and the Saturday Morning Cartoon related review on Saturday). However, I've just recently started a brand, spankin' new job that has turned most if not all of my attention toward career related stuff, leaving me with little time for bloggin'.
However, the new job does have it's benefits (outside of better pay, larger office, and snivelling underlings): It just so happens to be located in a veritable epicenter of toy collecting treasure troves. Every single big box store is located a mere stones throw from my new workplace, not to mention a mega mall, a Toys R Us, and a massive model and hobby store called Niagara Hobby and Craft Mart (1/6th collector's in my area need to check this place out).
My newest bestest buddy out of all these emporiums, is without a doubt "Big Lots". Big Lots is a national deep discount chain that carries a ton of merchandise at drastically lowered prices. You can pic up a Pier 1 sofa there for half of what you'd pay at the original retailer.
Speaking of "half"; what I found for a mere TEN dollars a piece were none other than 12 inch MARVEL ICONS versions of Punisher, Doctor Doom, and The Human Torch...
What's funniest about this purchase is that right next door to the store I purchased these was a Toys R Us that sells them for thirteen dollars more...

Once I finally move (another venture that may very well stall my blogging for a brief period), these'll look smashing on my Shaun Wong style shelves.

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