Saturday, June 14, 2008

Indiana Jones - The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (MEDICOM RAH)

Okay. So in my earlier post today, I hinted at my need to sell off a couple of choice figure sets (as well as vast swaths of my comic book collection) in order to lighten the load of upcoming move, and free up some extra cash to pay for a few upcoming (and current) releases by both Sideshow and Medicom.
Pictured above, is one of those figures that my bank account needed a few extra ducket fed into it in order to accomadate its price tag.
I really couldn't help it.
Indy mania has grabbed me by the gonads and given them a really hard yank. I love the new movie. Is it Raiders of the Lost Ark ? No. But really, were any of the other Indy installments?
I've been a huge fan of the Indiana Jones films since the five year old version of myself sat in a darkened theater and watched Harrison Ford beat the piss out of Nazi villains in Raiders. Seeing a graying and grissled Ford nearly thirty years later knocking the shit out of cold war commies was the best summer movie thrill this here blogger's had in a loooooooooong goddamn time.
The only problem with my current bout of Indy Mania? There's not a decent action figure out on the shelves that'll cure my Jones jonesin'. Have you checked out the sculpts to Hasbro's lackluster line? Who's that guy in the Indiana Jones attire? Is that Anthony Cumia (of Radio's Opie and Anthony)..? Ian McClellan? Larry King..? The face sculpt seems to change to a different individual with every figure. And none of them bear even the slightest resemblence of the actor that actually plays Indy.
The only decent toys Hasbro has coming out, their Mighty Muggs Indy editions (which I mentioned months ago) still have yet to appear in stores.
Thank God though for Medicom and Sideshow!
The above RAH edtion of old (errrr... "mature") Indy comes out in the fourth quarter of the year (October through December). I just put in my pre-order and will be waiting impatiently for it to arrive...

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