Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mo' Cool-Ass Watchmen Merch...

Just popped over to the DC Direct site and, lo and be-mother-fuckin'-hold: Even more kick ass Watchmen merchandise is being previewed. Not only do we get to slobber over pics of the upcoming RORSCHACH 1/6th figure, but they're also offering us up fresh photos of full scale RORSCHACH mask and gas gun! Yes, kiddies, now you too can don a creepy ass pattern shifting mask and blast hapless SWAT team members in the chest with your very own gas powered grappling gun!
Actually, I don't think it really fires its grapple. But, fuck! It sure does look cool! And if you ever do in fact find yourself pinned by the cops inside a former magician/supervillains apartment/murder scene, just do what Ol' RORSCHACH himself'd do and throw scouring powder in their eyes and torch their asses with the lit spray of an aerosol can.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's SATURDAY MORNING!!! (More Hanna Barbera)...

More additions to McFarlane's Hanna Barbera line-up. The requisite Flinstones, feature a toppled over Fred with a slurping Dino planted atop his chest. This is a great figure. Again, the artists working at McFarlane captured the colors from those vintage 'toons perfectly...

Yogi Bear's another nice entry. Boo-Boo looks a tad bit... stoned though. Doesn't he..?
I found Magilla Gorilla at Big Lots for a paltry five bucks. Snapped him up with the quickness. He's a lesser known character. I'm kinda suprised they didn't go with Space Ghost, Jabber-Jaw, or the suspisciously absent Scooby Doo. I'm thinking that another company may have the rights to those characters.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Unpacking! (Volume 5)

As you can see, the bulk of my figure collection consists of of 6.75 inch figures. I've just recently begun collecting 1/6th figures (they're kind of a bitch when it comes to taking up space though). My collection has gone through a slew of cycles as far as interests go; it began with four inch Star Wars figures- which I sold off. Then it swung toward vinyl Kaiju and Godzilla figures (which too were sold off this past year). Now it's this stuff...

I'm in love with these. Alex Ross rules.
Still more to come...

Unpacking! (Volume 4)

Unpacking! (Volume 3)

Unpacking! (Volume 2)

Unpacking! (Volume 1)

Okay. So the Missus and I have finally gotten into the new apartment and have (more or less) settled in. There's still a few odds and ends that need the requistite unpacking and put in their proper places to be sure, but between you and me, I've been dying to uncrate a few of my figures.
Plus, I've been feeling like a bit of a poser over the past few posts, having not shown off any pics of my collection.

So, in an effort to both unpack and showcase bits and pieces of said assortment, I've decided to do a series of posts that offer pics of my slowly (but surely) unpacked collection.
A simple cardboard box... Or is it? What pray tell can lurk within this seemingly innocent cardboard construct..?
GASP! Why it's none other than the bloated demonic Dojo from McFarlane's Samurai Spawn line...

Joining the plastic tub of lard are Aztek's Nosferatu (from Silent Screamers), and SOTA's Darkman (from Reel Toys).

More to come... Lots more.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Jonny Quest was a staple of sixties Saturday mornings. I can remember the show airing for a brief period at the tail end of first run Saturday morning line up by a local station during the early eighties. The show served as sort of an air time filler, it was either a half hour of Jonny Quest, or half assed coverage of local bowling tournaments.
Another kick ass figure set from McFarlane's Hanna Barbera line (Series 2). Leave it to McFarlane to capture the most dynamic pose of the character possible...

My posts will (hopefully) become a bit more routine here, as I've finally moved into my new place.