Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mo' Cool-Ass Watchmen Merch...

Just popped over to the DC Direct site and, lo and be-mother-fuckin'-hold: Even more kick ass Watchmen merchandise is being previewed. Not only do we get to slobber over pics of the upcoming RORSCHACH 1/6th figure, but they're also offering us up fresh photos of full scale RORSCHACH mask and gas gun! Yes, kiddies, now you too can don a creepy ass pattern shifting mask and blast hapless SWAT team members in the chest with your very own gas powered grappling gun!
Actually, I don't think it really fires its grapple. But, fuck! It sure does look cool! And if you ever do in fact find yourself pinned by the cops inside a former magician/supervillains apartment/murder scene, just do what Ol' RORSCHACH himself'd do and throw scouring powder in their eyes and torch their asses with the lit spray of an aerosol can.

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