Tuesday, August 12, 2008


DC Direct keeps on surfin' the wave of Watchmen hype and anticipation by putting out even MORE images of their upcoming Watchmen related products. Newly announced action figures include... Classic Nite Owl. Can't say I'm all that wild about this figure. Looks a tad silly with his bare legs and black leather boots.

I can't quite tell from the image here, but it seems as if Sally Jupiter's (AKA Classic Silk Spectre) hair has changed to a darker shade than the 'do she's sporting in the recently posted promo posters.

More prop replicas! This time The Comedian's twin pistols and dog tags. Can't say I'm into prop replicas (after all this is a toy blog, not a prop blog), but this might come in handy if I ever happen to accidentally impregnate some broken bottle wielding, kisser slashing, third world harlot, who decides to go Joker on my mug.

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