Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Crappy News For Fans Of Hasbro's Crappy Indy Line...

Well, after what I'm sure was months of sharpening their blades to a razor-like perfection, Hasbro finally put the axe to their line of Indiana Jones action figures. The final wave (consisting of Temple of Doom characters) will be hitting the shelves soon, and after that- zippo.
I'm not all that disappointed. For one, I don't really collect four inch figures. They rarely have accurate sculpts, and generally have piss poor paint applications. The Indy line was a shameful example of both those faults. It would have been great to have seen a six or seven inch line produced by NECA or McFarlane, but...
Well, I've beaten that goddamn horse to death already.
The only real downside to the cancellation of the Indy line is that there won't be any more Mighty Muggs. The final 3rd and 4th waves are may or may not be hitting shelves sometime soon (the MM message boards and forums are littered with conflicting info).
The Indy Mighty Muggs were the only real bright spot to Hasbro having the license. I put in my order for the Entertainment Earth exclusive Sallah and Short Round Muggs yesterday. Hopefully, these too won't meet the executioner's blade.

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