Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fuck "Max Payne"...

The only real issue with the Watchmen fans plan to boycott Fox is this: Most of the the movies that Fox plans on crapping out between now and the intended Watchmen release date are films that most people could give a greasy, wet bag of shit about in the first place. Case in point- Max Payne.
Seriously. Max fucking Payne.
After that there's Streetfighter, a Pink Panther sequel, and Wolverine (which street cred has been seriously muddled by murmurings of producer/director squabbles that involve making that film lighter in tone and thus easier to tie into kid friendly products like Happy Meals, coloring books, and fruit snacks).
Anyhoo, here's another handy link to the story of a much like minded individual who wants you to not go and see a movie that you had no intention of seeing in the first place...

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