Saturday, October 4, 2008

Medicom RAH Punisher (boxed)

I know that it's Saturday and I usually have a Saturday Morning Cartoon Toy post here, but, hell, I just got my 12 inch Medicom Punisher in the mail the other day, and have been itching to post a pic or two...

Everyone's been bitching lately on the quality of head sculpts of their film figures. I'm inclined to agree for the most part (I'mrolling the dice with my Indiana Jones KOTCS figure that I've pre-ordered though). Their only bitch-free figures seem to their Manga and comic book inspired lots. It's tough to screw those up. Escpecially on characters as cool as the classic Punisher.

I'll have pics of the opened figure in an upcoming post.

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Mike Overall said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my site!
I LOVE the BAT! I wish they'd make a full size on of those!! I swear, hasbro has no vision when re-releasing their figures...flint, snake eys, blah day. Will bookmark ya!!