Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mezco's Heroes Series 1 (Claire Bennet)

Mezco's Heroes action figures were on sale at Toys R Us last night. Having just got around to watching the series for the first time (picked up the first season on DVD at Target last week. Also on sale), I decided I'd pick up a figure from the show. Hiro (my favorite character) wasn't to be found, which left a few of the lamer characters, and a TON of Claires. TRU offers an exclusive version of Claire that's burned and beaten. I wasn't wild about that rendition, so I decided to pick up fresh and clean Claire (who comes with an alternate broken arm and bloodied extra head anyway)

I'm not sure what's going on with Mezco's sculpting department lately. They've been kind of hit or miss, and tend to do really cool sculpts for one series (like Hellboy II), and then totally fumble with another. Heroes seems to be an example of their propensity for fumbling. While one could argue that Mezco has always lent a sort of stylized cartoonishness to their figures, their sculpts of every one's favorite indestructible cheerleader, seem way off...

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