Tuesday, June 23, 2009

HOT TOYS MMS104 Terminator Salvation 1/6th T-600 (with skin) Preview...

Fuck yeah!
There was a general glut of belly aching amidst the community of 1/6th collectors over the late arrival of this one. Everyone felt that Hot Toys was performing one of their usual overhauls of previously released characters (Iron Man Mark 2 and 3, and their Dark Knight Jokers are the major gripe right now). When the announcement came of a variant version of the T-600 from Terminator Salvation (along with an updated John Connor), it sent most collector's into a frothing, fury of curse laden diatribes regarding another Hot Toys cash-in. Truthfully, I was anticipating joining in. Then I caught a glimpse of the new, flesh covered T-600.
This is no mere variation.
This is the mother fucking bomb, bitches...

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