Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mighty Muggs: STARSCREAM

"Starscream" could be one of the best character names EVER. I'm telling you, if I ever have a kid, and it's a boy, I'm naming him Starscream. Yep- Starscream MacBastard...
You can't name a girl Starscream. If you do, she'll probably end up a stripper.

Starscream Trivia: In the original animated Transformers, Starscream was voiced by actor Chris Latta, who also voiced Cobra Commander on the original G.I. Joe cartoon series.

What are you smirking about, you friggin' prick.."


Jcee said...

Nice Starscream MM! Lucky you guys get the nice packaging with the actual in-box character on the box. We have the Canadian packing which have Optimus Prime on all of them. I am not a MM fan, but the TF one do look quite tempting.

Dash MacBastard said...

I wasn't much of a fan when the MMs first appeared either Jcee. But they ended up becoming something of an obsession none the less. They're one of those lines that are either loved or loathed.
The Canadian MM packaging was similar with the Star Wars line too (I think): Instead of the individual characters on their respectibe packs, every package featured Darth Vader.