Friday, May 7, 2010

Hasbro Star Wars Unleashed Clone Trooper

Somewhere around 2001-2002, Hasbro tried there toy making hand at producing a six inch,
McFarlane-esque series of figures for their Star Wars line. The result was a pretty nifty series called Star Wars Unleashed that featured a slew of the franchise's more popular characters in action packed poses.
Keeping with this current week's spate of Troop oriented posts, I submit to you the Star Wars Unleashed Clone Trooper...

My favorite part of this figure is the base- vaulting over the twisted corpse of his fallen clone comrade.

Hasbro did a really nice job with this line. While they couldn't touch the quality of either McFarlane or NECA, the sculpts that they did crap out were still great.

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