Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hot Toys Mars Attacks: MARTIAN SOLDIER Quasi Review

Every once in a while, a figure comes along that drops in the mailbox, and upon opening it, you're giggling to myself over just how friggin' cool it is.
Hot Toys Mars Attacks Martian Soldier is just such an action figure. It is eight inches of plastic and rubber, Martian coolness that's impossible to not be giddy over (did that just sound like a review of a dildo..? Oh well...).


The Rebel said...

Cool figure indeed Dash! Are planning to get the other one btw?

*ack, ack*!!! The film itself is a classic on its own! Heheh...

Dash MacBastard said...

Rebel- I'm considering picking up the Martian Ambassador as well, but haven't made up my mind just yet.
Space around here is becoming an extremely precious commodity!