Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sideshow Indiana Jones KOTCS Premium Format Quasi Review

I'm a huge Indiana Jones fan. When the teaser trailer for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull first hit the internet I spent nearly an entire eight hour shift at work watching, and re-watching Harrison Ford dash across a massive wall of wooden crates, rip loose his trademark bullwhip, crack it securely around a warehouse cieling beam and swing after (and miss) a racing military truck. My jaw slung open the entire time, all I could do was utter the words; "Holy shit! It's... It's fuckin' Indy!"
Needless to say, when both Sideshow and Medicom began shitting out their twin lines of collectibles I was more than pleased.
A little over a month ago, Sideshow's 18 inch Premium Format Indiana Jones figure (as he appears in KOTCS) landed on my doorstep. Here he is, in all his bullwhip wielding, Nazi ass kicking glory...

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